Stop mosquitoes breeding

Mosquitoes like to live and breed in standing water – any kind, anywhere. The best way to get rid of them is to stop them from breeding. Getting rid of things that hold water is a simple way to do this.


  1. Get rid of all tins, jars, bottles, plastic bags or other items that can lie around and hold water.
  2. Get rid of all old tyres and drill holes in the bottom of tyre swings.
  3. Fill or drain hollows in the ground that can hold water.
  4. Overturn boats, canoes and dinghies – in fact, anything you have to store outside that could hold water.
  5. Cover venting pipes on septic tanks with mosquito-proof covers.
  6. Seal or cover rainwater tanks.
  7. Stock ponds with fish (some fish love mosquito larvae).

Every week

  1. Empty and clean pot plant saucers (even better, fill them with sand).
  2. Empty and clean animal and pet drinking water containers.
  3. Check gutters and drains are clear of leaves and blockages.
  4. Some pot plants hold water in their leaves – empty once a week.
  5. Keep swimming pools well chlorinated and filtered and free of dead leaves.
  6. Empty paddling pools.
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