Get yourself immunised to protect your baby: video

If there is one thing that Anna Gibson wants parents to think about it is immunising themselves against whooping cough.

Video produced by Kidshealth.

Her daughter MacKenzie was just seven weeks old when she was admitted to hospital with pertussis.

‘It was mentioned to us at our antenatal class but we didn’t really pay much attention as there were so many other things to think about.

‘If we had known what was going to happen though, we would have definitely given it more thought and made sure we were immunised before Mackenzie was born.’

Mackenzie caught whooping cough from her dad and after several trips to the doctor, she ended up in hospital for 10 days.

‘It was truly awful seeing Mackenzie so ill. She would cough and cough and cough until she was blue and not breathing. We felt so helpless as there wasn’t much we or the hospital staff could do but wait and comfort her.

‘It’s definitely something we don’t want other parents to experience. We could possibly have prevented it if we had both arranged for a booster shot when she was first born. We were lucky though, as Mackenzie recovered and she has no lasting health problems.’

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