National Minimum Dataset (Hospital Events) Data Mart data dictionary

Data Dictionary (version 7.8)

Published online: 
01 July 2018

The National Minimum Dataset (Hospital Events) Data Mart (NMDS DM) is used for policy formation, performance monitoring, research, and review. It provides statistical information, reports, and analyses about the trends in the delivery of hospital inpatient and day-patient health services both nationally and on a provider basis. It is also used for funding purposes.

The NMDS DM is a national collection of public and private hospital discharge information, including clinical information, for inpatients and day patients. Unit record data is collected and stored. All records must have a valid NHI number.

Data has been submitted electronically in an agreed format by public hospitals since 1993.

The private hospital discharge information for publicly funded events, eg, birth events and geriatric care, has been collected since 1997. Other data is being added as it becomes available electronically.

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