HISO 10046:2022 Consumer Health Identity Standard

Published online: 
16 May 2022

This document presents a standard data set specification for the collection and representation of personal identity, demographic and digital account information for patients and consumers of health and disability services.

This standard pertains to the data content of the National Health Index (NHI) and My Health Account systems operated by the Ministry of Health, and to all patient management systems, clinical information systems and consumer health platforms used in Aotearoa New Zealand.

2022 revision of the standard

The latest revision of this standard applies the New Zealand Identification Management Standards to the method of enabling every patient and consumer to have a digital account linked to their NHI number for access to online health services.

Also in this revision the requirements for recording gender are updated to reflect the Government Chief Data Steward’s mandating of the Stats NZ data standard for gender, sex and variations of sex characteristics. Gender is recorded by the NHI and covered by our standard, while sex is not at present. To support health services that depend on information about sex as opposed to gender, we endorse the data collection and output protocols set out in the Stats NZ standard and will add further guidance in the next edition of our standard.

Our standard conforms to all other government mandated data standards, including the standards for recording person name, date of birth and street address.

The standard is a living document and updates will continue to be made as new data requirements arise in the health and disability system and as further all-of-government mandated data standards for personal information are introduced.

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    16 May 2022
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    978-1-99-110036-8 (online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2022. HISO 10046:2022 Consumer Health Identity Standard. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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