HISO 10037.1:2010 Connected Health Architectural Framework

Published online: 
01 September 2010
Connected Health Architectural Framework.

In a person-centred health system the ability to connect services, applications and systems is essential for allowing patients to be cared for by the right clinician, at the right time and place, providing access to their records electronically with the confidence that information is kept secure at all stages.

The Connected Health programme is a key step in achieving this aim. Its purpose is to establish the secure environment needed for the safe sharing of health information between all the participating health providers.

Connectivity standards are a foundation component of Connected Health.

To date, the connectivity standard has 3 parts:

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    01 September 2010
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    Ministry of Health. 2010. HISO 10037.1:2010 Connected Health Architectural Framework. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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