Session outlines

What’s covered in the three Public Health Leadership Programme workshops.

Workshop one: Leading self

What is leadership?

We explore what leadership is, how it differs from management, and what’s expected of leaders. We provide a Leadership Map to guide you through the territory of leadership.

Your leadership backbone

There is no one best type of leader. What’s important is leading in a way that is real and authentic for you. This requires self- awareness, self-belief and clarity about what you believe in and stand for. In this session you clarify your purpose, values and create an inspiring leadership vision for yourself.

Leadership styles

Leaders are flexible and adaptable, able to employ different leadership styles for different situations. Using the DISC behavioural styles framework we explore the impact of different leadership styles. You receive your own comprehensive DISC report which reveals your primary leadership style, including strengths and areas to work on.

Ethics and values of public health

We explore the values of public health. We engage in ethical issues that emerge in public health.

Workshop two: Strategic leadership

Seeing the big picture

Effective leadership involves being aware of the broader context. Workshop Two begins with exploring global megatrends and systems thinking tools to understand challenges and opportunities facing public health.

Creating a backbone for your public health issue

We explore how to co-create the core foundations for making progress on public health issues: shared purpose, vision and strategy.

Political savvy

Successful leaders know how to manage government and organisational politics. They take the initiative and they forge consensus. Ultimately, they help others maximise their impact. This session addresses how successful leaders operate ethically behind the scenes. You will analyse your own political style, and understand the strategies and tactics used by ethical leaders. You will learn how to navigate political minefields so you can increase your influence in your organisation and in public health.

Leading change through people

Leaders bring about change – taking people to new places and bringing about new ways of doing things. We explore the dynamics of leading change and what it takes to align people to the change you want to bring about.

Workshop three: Delivering results

Collaborative working

Great leaders are able to work collaboratively. We explore the challenges and opportunities for working collaboratively in public health. You are equipped with strategies to engage and sustain others in collaborative working relationships.


Leaders are influential – using interpersonal savvy to deliver results. In this session we explore how to influence others ethically. You will learn how to create a strategic influencing plan.


Effective leaders bring out the best in others through coaching. You will learn and practise key coaching skills.

Having courageous conversations

Leaders sometimes have to tackle challenging conversations. We will explore how to turn challenging conversations into learning conversations.

Leadership development plan

In this session you create a plan for your ongoing leadership development.

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