2020/21 Māori Provider Development Scheme

Applications for the Māori Provider Development Scheme (MPDS) will open by 5 pm, 16 October 2020.

2020/21 MPDS funding applications are invited from Māori health and disability service providers, national Māori health and disability service providers, and national Māori health professional organisations.

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Funding streams

In 2020/21 MPDS has been divided into four funding streams. Table 1 provides a breakdown of these funding streams.

Table 1: Funding for MPDS 2020/21

MPDS funding streams

(GST exclusive)

Māori health and disability providers (DHB based)


National Māori health and disability organisations


National Provider Training


Hauora Māori Scholarships




The Māori health and disability providers funding stream are allocated per DHB and based on Māori population. Table 2 provides a breakdown of these allocations.

Table 2: DHB allocations for MPDS 2020/21
DHB Māori Population* Māori Population Proportion Indicative Funding Amount
Northland 68630 8.3%  $526,478.87
Waitemata 63390 7.7%  $486,281.44
Auckland 40250 4.9%  $308,768.39
Counties Manukau 93560 11.3%  $717,723.49
Waikato 103510 12.5%  $794,052.57
Bay of Plenty 65740 7.9%  $504,308.92
Lakes 42580 5.1%  $326,642.43
Tairawhiti 26430 3.2%  $202,751.52
Taranaki 24960 3.0%  $191,474.76
Hawkes Bay 47550 5.7%  $364,768.62
Whanganui 18640 2.3%  $142,992.37
MidCentral 38720 4.7%  $297,031.35
Capital and Coast 37580 4.5%  $288,286.11
Hutt 27810 3.4%  $213,337.86
Wairarapa 8790 1.1%  $67,430.41
Nelson Marlborough 17550 2.1%  $134,630.69
West Coast 3890 0.5%  $29,841.22
Canterbury 56020 6.8%  $429,744.23
South Canterbury 5620 0.7%  $43,112.51
Southern 36740 4.4%  $281,842.25
Total 827960 100.0%  $6,351,500.00

* Population based on STATs NZ 2019/20 Population Projection.

Changes in the 2020/21 funding round

Three (3) distinct changes have been implemented in the 2020/21 funding round due to the review of the Māori Provider Development Scheme (MPDS) conducted in 2019 and disruptions caused by COVID-19 in 2020. These changes are as follows:

  1. MPDS applications have moved to an online platform and now include the Māori Provider Capability Assessment Tool (MPCAT)
    • The online application process will be used for the first time in 2020/21. It is intended to make the MPDS application process simpler and more user friendly for providers than the previous paper-based process.
    • Formerly, MPCAT would be accessed through a third party however, the new process now includes this tool along with online guides to assist self-assessment.
  2. Establishment and roll out of National Provider Training (NPT)
    • National Provider Training is a new MPDS initiative that will be offered in 2021. The initiative is in response to recommendations made in the MPDS review and will offer training to providers on specific subject matter.
    • Results from a recent survey of current MPDS providers is being worked through to determine what subject matter will be offered in the roll out of NPT 2021.
  3. Shortened Timeframe for MPDS 2020/21 Contracts
    • The extension of MPDS 2019/20 contracts due to the coronavirus pandemic has misaligned traditional MPDS contracting timeframes. In an attempt to realign this, the 2020/21 contract period will be through to 30 June 2021. Therefore, the Ministry will only accept applications for capacity projects that can realistically be completed within this timeframe.

Application guidelines

View the following guidelines for information on the eligibility criteria.

Application tool

Applications for MPDS 2020/21 will open by 5 pm on Friday 16 October 2020 and close at 11.59 pm (midnight) on Monday 16 November 2020.

Providers will submit their application using the online tool by the closing time and date – late applications will not be accepted. 

Access the regional and national application tool in the following links.

Providers with any questions or concerns regarding this process can email [email protected]

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