Preparing for a health literacy review

This section describes how to establish the review team and prepare for a health literacy review.

You’ll need to:

  • establish a review team and confirm leadership support
  • identify a focus for the review
  • build an understanding of health literacy amongst the review team
  • work through ethics, confidentiality and conflicts of interest
  • publicise the review with staff and other stakeholders
  • develop a project plan and communication plan
  • identify the patient journey for the service being reviewed
  • prepare for document collection, interviews and observations.

Section 2 of the Guide will take you through these activities.

In this section

  • There are different options for the focus of a health literacy review. You should include all the systems and processes that affect the service you are reviewing. Read more
  • Developing a health literacy statement helps to build a shared understanding of health literacy across your organisation and to create a health-literate organisation. Read more
  • Once you’ve decided the focus of your review, you’ll need to bring together a review team with a mix of skills and expertise. This is an opportunity for the reviewers to be trained and work through the planning and ethics requirements of a review. Read more
  • Reviewers need to experience the journey patients go on when using a service. This can help a review identify the supports and barriers for patients. Read more
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