The Immunisation Handbook Advisory Group

The Immunisation Handbook Advisory Group provided expert technical and medical advice for the Immunisation Handbook 2020. The Ministry of Health wishes to thank them for their time and commitment during the Handbook update and rewrite. The Handbook Advisory Group members are as follows.

Dr Edwin Reynolds
General Practitioner and Senior Medical Officer

Associate Professor Nikki Turner
Director, Immunisation Advisory Centre and General Practitioner

Dr Tony Walls
Paediatrician and Infectious Diseases Specialist

Dr Elizabeth Wilson
Paediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist

Further acknowledgements

The Ministry of Health appreciates the time and commitment of those involved in the updating and rewriting of the Immunisation Handbook 2020, including Karin Batty, Bernadette Heaphy, Robyn Johnson, Shelley Kininmonth, Jane Morphet and Loretta Roberts at the Immunisation Advisory Centre; Yvonne Galloway, Charlotte Gilkison, Andrea McNeill and Jill Sherwood, the Institute of Environmental Science and Research; and Chris Lewis, Chris Millar and Niki Stefanogiannis at the Ministry of Health; Ayesha Verrall at the University of Otago; Sarah Morley at NZ Blood Service, and Jan Sinclair at Starship Children’s Hospital.

The Ministry would especially like to acknowledge the work of Mary Nowlan, the Handbook medical writer.

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