NHI Interfaces

Technology interfaces are available for vendors to integrate into their applications, enabling health providers to access the NHI directly and in real time.

October 2016

We are pleased to release the set of v3 specifications and documents to support integration of the  Patient (NHI) Web Services (SEARCH and GET) by health application vendors.

The set of supporting documentation and artefacts can be downloaded from this page. If you find any suggestions for improvements, errors or omissions we welcome your feedback to WS_Integration@moh.govt.nz

The zipped file 'Getting Started' outlines the process for vendors wishing to integrate the web services. Initially, there will be some assessment and prioritisation of requests received in order to provide sufficient support to vendors within limited Ministry resource capacity.

The process for integration to the Ministry's web services is centred around requests from Health Providers. Vendors who wish to integrate their own applications should apply in conjunction with a Health Provider who wishes to use their application or services.

The legacy HL7 NHI Interface Specification 1997 has been archived, but may be accessed if required by emailing HI_Administration@moh.govt.nz

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