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Nominations closed: 5pm Friday 4 May 2018.

24 April 2018: Nominations open. Participate in new technical working groups: The Health Sector Architect Group along with HISO are forming technical working groups to review and update or develop standards and associated architectures. Read more: Technical Working Groups: review of Standards

The role of standards in health

There are a number of standards within the health sector. We rely on standards of practice and approvals to keep New Zealanders safe through a safe health system. For example, we expect that approved drugs have been tested and proven to be safe and effective.

While systems to ensure that the practice of health care is safe and effective have been in place for some time, standards around the information used in health care are relatively recent. They have come into being as a result of changing technologies and changes in the way health care is delivered. They are designed specifically to support the increasing need to safely and securely exchange an increasing variety of information detailing patient treatment and care needs between various health care providers.

Successful information exchange requires not only the existence of a physical technical connection between systems, but also that the meaning of the information being exchanged is not lost or degraded. In other words, semantic interoperability is an absolute requirement of a modern health system and one which can only be accomplished with the universal adoption of appropriate standards.

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  • Health Information Standards Organisation standards are open, non-proprietary standards. They may be downloaded & used from this website free of charge. Read more
  • You can have your say on the text of new health information standards while they are still in draft. Read more
  • HISO has an active work programme maintaining and developing health information standards for the New Zealand health and disability sector Read more
  • Standards are developed with a coordinated, consistent approach, following five stages: identify, propose and plan; develop and evaluate; consult; approve and implement; review and maintain. Read more
  • This page lists the published standards that are now contained to present purposes and are no longer required for new solutions. Read more
  • This page lists the previously published standards that are now withdrawn and no longer have effect. Read more
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