Architecture and standards working groups

Information about the Health Sector Architects Group and HISO technical working groups to review and update or develop health information standards, and how to get involved.

Latest update: Technical Working Group (TWG) Scopes published

The three technical working groups have published their scope, deliverables, and timelines which can be referenced in the following documents:

Why the standards need review

We are in the age of the online citizen: that applies to health, too. Patient empowerment through the internet and connected health digital-wearables put patients at centre of health care. The NZ Vision for Health Technology and the Digital Health Strategy (in development) place emphasis on:

  • enabling patients to be an active participant in their use of health services
  • the management of their health data and
  • the collection/sharing of health data and insights.

It's therefore important that health information standards remain relevant and supportive of the Digital Health Strategy, and provider and consumer expectations.

We are forming the following groups:

  • Connected Health Working Group
  • Interoperability Working Group
  • Digital Identity Working Group
  • Subject Matter Expert Review Groups.

The scope and roles for each group are set out in the following sections with information about how to nominate yourself to a group (either a working group or its corresponding review group.)

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