COVID-19: Vaccines

We've secured enough COVID-19 vaccines for everyone in New Zealand. Find what you need to know about getting a vaccine, the safety and approval process, types of vaccine and our plan.

When you can get a vaccine

Our COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan includes four groups that include everyone in the country aged 16 and over.

Find out when you can get a vaccine

Latest updates

13 May 2021: New videos on COVID-19 vaccines for New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL)

13 May 2021: Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Operating Guidelines. Vaccine operating guidelines

12 May 2021: Latest health sector clinical COVID-19 vaccine updates. Vaccine clinical updates

12 May 2021: Reported side effects for the COVID-19 vaccine in New Zealand. Vaccine side effects and reactions

12 May 2021: Latest data and statistics on the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccine data

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