Integrating NZ COVID Tracer with other contact tracing apps

The Ministry of Health is exploring opportunities to integrate with existing contact tracing solutions.

Expressions of Interest from Contact Tracing API Integration Partners

The Ministry of Health is seeking expressions of interest from contact tracing solution vendors as initial partners for integration with the contact tracing APIs that are being developed.

Validating that the contact tracing APIs work with third-party solutions is an important foundational component for ensuring the Ministry can communicate locations visited by a confirmed case of COVID-19 and receive associated matches for people that were also present at that time. Demonstrating the individual concerned has consented to share their information is a key requirement. Ensuring the necessary information can be collected swiftly is important for assisting existing contact tracing processes.

The Ministry is initially looking for one to two vendors who provide solutions that maintain (a) a decentralised list of recorded check-in locations on an individual’s device, and (b) a record of visitors to a location.

A total of 10 Expressions of Interest by interested parties were received before the closing date of 17 July 2020. The Ministry expects to finish reviewing the responses by the end of July 2020 and commence work with selected vendor partners during August 2020.

View an updated version of the Contact Tracing App Integration Platform specification.

Proposed integration options

Data structures and patterns are provided here for developers who would like their solutions to integrate with the NZ COVID Tracer app. 

Note: These options are still being validated and no decisions have been made on which integrations will be developed.

Subscribe to exposure events of interest notifications

This feed would allow authorised developers to receive a list of Exposure Events of Interest, which they may respond to by providing any matching data. 

An Exposure Event of Interest will contain a GLN location, a start timestamp and an end timestamp. 
Subscribers can evaluate their owned datasets to determine if any check-ins between the start timestamp and end timestamp are present.

Publish data about a user’s visited locations

This endpoint would accept a list of a user’s visited locations. This is useful when an individual user wants to share their recorded locations. 

This could be sent automatically in response to an exposure event notification, with the consent of the user.

Publish data about recorded check-ins

This endpoint would accept a list of the check-ins within a specific time window that a business has recorded in its contact tracing register (ie, outside of NZ COVID Tracer). 

This is useful if an exposure event has been identified at that business and contact tracers are searching for Close Contacts. 

The list could be sent automatically in response to an exposure notification, with consent from the business.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Standard

The COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Standard assists technology vendors to interpret the data requirements for contact tracing. 

Technology vendors should also ensure that any solutions developed conform to current government requirements, regardless of what is captured in this standard. See in particular COVID-19 Epidemic Notice and Health Act Orders.

Read more about the proposed integration platform and supporting information relevant to contact tracing.

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