COVID-19: Easy Read information

Information about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in Easy Read.

Page last updated: 14 September 2021

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Before getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine

After your COVID-19 vaccine

Making a decision about having the COVID-19 vaccine

Everyone should have the opportunity to take an active role in making decisions about:

  • their emotional wellbeing
  • their physical health and wellbeing
  • things important to them.

We have a decision-making tool that can help you decide about having the COVID-19 vaccine. You can fill in the tool yourself and take it with you to your vaccination appointment.

Supported decision making

If you’re supporting someone with a disability to decide about the COVID-19 vaccine, you can read the guidance information.

Choose the guidance tool or combination of tools that best suit the communication profile of the person you're supporting to make a decision.

Full guidance, includes all three tools

Guidance Tool 1

Guidance Tool 2

Guidance Tool 3

COVID-19 vaccination record card

The COVID-19 vaccination record card has recently been updated. The new design has one of the corners cut. You may still receive the old design while vaccination centres use up stock.

Vaccination record card - new design

Vaccination record card - old design

What is coronavirus and COVID-19

Contact tracing: Keeping track of where you have been

How to use the NZ COVID Tracer app

Getting tested for COVID-19

What happens if your test says you have COVID-19?

Personal protective equipment (PPE): Information for disabled people

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