COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) - Resources for health professionals

This page contains COVID-19 factsheets and guidance for health professionals.

27 February 2020: The resources for health professionals are currently being updated and will be available soon.

Current case definition (as at 27 February 2020)

The Ministry of Health has revised its case definition for COVID-19 based on expert advice from our Technical Advisory Group by adding Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand as countries of a higher level of interest when diagnosing patients.

Anyone who has visited those countries in the previous 14 days who develops symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath should seek medical advice by first phoning Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 number 0800 358 5453 or contacting their GP by phoning ahead of their visit.

The case definition takes into account both the epidemiology of the virus as well as its clinical presentation. The criteria are provisional only and will be revised as more precise information emerges on the outbreak including characteristics of transmission, incubation and infectivity period and geographical spread.

Interim Advice for Health Professionals

The purpose of this document is to provide health professionals, including hospital-based, community-based and public health practitioners, with information on how to identify and investigate any cases COVID-19, as well as how to apply appropriate contact tracing and infection control measures to prevent its spread.

Interim guidance for health staff implementing home care of people not requiring hospitalisation

Primary care quick reference guide

Primary care triage checklist form

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