COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) - Resources for health professionals

This page contains COVID-19 factsheets and guidance for health professionals.

Increasing the health workforce capacity

We are seeking expressions of interest from health and care professionals who are able and willing to work for a limited amount of time as part of the national strategic approach to managing COVID-19. Find out more

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General information

Primary care

Ambulance (road and air)




General information

Current case definition

The case definition takes into account both the epidemiology of the virus as well as its clinical presentation. The criteria are provisional only and will be revised as more precise information emerges on the outbreak including characteristics of transmission, incubation and infectivity period and geographical spread.

Updated advice for health professionals

The purpose of this document is to provide health professionals, including hospital-based, community-based and public health practitioners, with information on how to identify and investigate any cases COVID-19, as well as how to apply appropriate contact tracing and infection control measures to prevent its spread.

Case notification form

Use this form for notifying cases to the NHCC.

Transmission of COVID-19 and the role of face masks in health settings

Guidance on use of personal protective equipment

Primary care

Managing suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in primary care – Interim infection prevention and control guidelines

For background, see the World Health Organization guidance: Rational use of personal protective equipment for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) (PDF, 886 KB).

Primary care quick reference guide

Primary care triage checklist form

Intensive care and ventilator capacity in district health boards

Interim guidance for health staff implementing home care of people not requiring hospitalisation

Questions and answers for primary health care workers

Ambulance (road and air)

Aeromedical transfer of patients

This document outlines infection prevention precautions when managing patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection requiring transportation by rotary or fixed wing aircraft.

Road ambulance transfer of patients

This document outlines infection prevention precautions when managing patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection requiring assessment or transportation by road ambulance personnel.


Information for community-based midwives

Guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in home and community settings, and protecting both pregnant and postnatal women, and their community-based midwives.

This guidance is supported by the following tables.

Table 1

Table 2


PHARMAC are publishing updates on supply and other medicine issues at COVID-19: PHARMAC's response on their website.


Paracetamol: Supply issue 

Other resources

Recording COVID-19

Information for GPs, hospital clinicians and laboratories to use in recording or coding test results for COVID-19.

Cancer services

This advice provides guidance for clinicians managing patients with cancer, phased according to community spread and disruption to normal health systems. This advice has been endorsed by the Clinical Assembly of the Cancer Control Agency. The guidance is regularly being updated and is a consensus piece of work. This link is to a Google drive so the latest version is displayed and clinical feedback can be captured.


talkingCOVID is designed to help health professionals have conversations about what matters most to patients and their whānau. The talkingCOVID pages are based on sound principles, evidence and experience.

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