COVID-19: Primary care

Information to manage suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in primary care.

Last updated: 15 February 2021

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Health workers can download the Āwhina app to stay up-to-date on the latest information relevant to COVID-19 and the health and disability sector.

Questions and answers for primary health care workers

Primary care quick reference guide

COVID-19 Community Response Framework

This framework has been developed as a guide for the community health system when moving between different health sector alert levels. Not all information will be relevant to your workplace.

The alert system used for this framework is not the same as the Government alert system. This alert system considers the state in which the local health system is in- this will vary region by region. This means that some activities will continue, reduce or cease depending on the state of your local health system, or it may depend on the needs of your practice population or community, including equity considerations. 

The framework was refreshed in September 2020 to incorporate recent learnings, progress and actions. Dr Juliet Rumball-Smith, Chief Clinical Officer-Primary Care provided clinical oversight for the update. The document has had input from clinical leads and sector primary and community groups (list of those consulted in table below).

The intention is to revisit and update this document on a regular basis as the pandemic evolves.



Clinical Lead

Sector Contributors

Aged Residential Care

Dr Kathy Glasgow







DHB GMs Planning and Funding

General Practice & Urgent Care

Dr Juliet Rumball-Smith


Community Pharmacy

Andi Shirtcliffe

Pharmaceutical Society
Pharmacy Guild

Emergency Ambulance Services (Road and Air)

Dr Alison Drewry

Ambulance Providers


Kass Jane

Midwifery Council
Head of Midwifery at CMDHB
Head of Midwifery MidCentral DHB
Nga Maia

Home Based Support (over 65s)

Dr Kathy Glasgow


Well Child Tamariki Ora (WCTO)

Dr Timothy Jelleyman

WCTO Interim Clinical Governance Group

Family Planning / Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dr Juliet Rumball-Smith

FPNZ Chief Clinical Advisor

School Based Health Services (SBHS)

Dr Timothy Jelleyman

DHB Portfolio Managers
National Youth Health Leadership Group

Interim guidance for health staff implementing home care of people not requiring hospitalisation

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