COVID-19: Vaccine data

Data and statistics about the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in New Zealand.

Last updated 1pm 21 July 2021.

All data on this page is as at 11.59 pm on 20 July 2021 unless otherwise stated.

Data on this page is updated weekly on Wednesdays.

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COVID-19 vaccinations: summary

  Cumulative total
First dose administered 924776
Second dose administered 628259
Total doses administered 1553035


  • Cumulative total: All vaccinations that have been administered and entered into the COVID-19 Immunisation Register up until midnight of the night before the data is published.

Cumulative vaccinations

Vaccination doses administered compared to plan doses

Production plan figures are the volumes agreed with DHBs and national providers for expected vaccinations. These figures have been matched with expected supply. Detailed plans are available in the Excel file at the bottom of this page.

The Stock received figures are the cumulative supply of doses to date.

Cumulative vaccinations for last 6 weeks

Vaccination doses administered compared to plan doses - 6wks

Cumulative vaccination plan for DHBs

DHB of service Actuals to Sunday 18 July DHB Plan to Sunday 18 July Variance % of Plan Week to date
Auckland Metro 569906 604516 -34610 94% 20298
Bay of Plenty 77345 61859 15486 125% 2269
Canterbury 124265 122217 2048 102% 5495
Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley 97197 87018 10179 112% 2935
Hawke's Bay 52109 46793 5316 111% 1064
Lakes 44161 44850 -689 98% 1133
MidCentral 60457 55632 4825 109% 3402
Nelson Marlborough 66143 42029 24114 157% 1976
Northland 61997 55797 6200 111% 1790
Other Sites 43745 14575 29170 300% 424
South Canterbury 23762 22428 1334 106% 982
Southern 97847 88594 9253 110% 3875
Tairawhiti 14982 14223 759 105% 551
Taranaki 18802 14421 4381 130% 1197
Waikato 94257 102400 -8143 92% 3314
Wairarapa 17899 20060 -2161 89% 930
West Coast 14103 14640 -537 96% 250
Whanganui 21430 13319 8111 161% 743
Total 1500407 1425371 75036 105% 52628

The information provided in this table is based on cumulative DHB plans to the last week ending on Sunday. The final column shows vaccinations administered since Sunday by DHB of service to reconcile total actuals in this table to other total numbers shown. On-going, and as we roll-out the vaccination programme, we anticipate that there could be a potential variance of up to ten percent (plus or minus) between DHB Plans and actual vaccination numbers. This is on the basis that, for example, an unplanned significant event could affect roll-out implementation or some DHBs might exceed their planned vaccination numbers.

Vaccinations by day

Vaccination doses administered per day

This chart shows the count of vaccinations administered on a given day from the COVID-19 Immunisation Register. Note some records are entered in the register at a later date than the immunisation was received. This means that the figures for a given date may move for some time after that date.

Cumulative vaccinations by DHB of residence **

DHB of residence First dose administered Second dose administered
Auckland 112212 72373
Bay of Plenty 46895 34428
Canterbury 81933 54002
Capital and Coast 37595 27567
Counties Manukau 133700 93016
Hawke's Bay 30943 23030
Hutt Valley 23510 16966
Lakes 25717 18534
MidCentral 41955 28001
Nelson Marlborough 39028 29339
Northland 40553 25837
South Canterbury 13986 10736
Southern 59501 44123
Tairāwhiti 9025 6703
Taranaki 13513 8022
Waikato 61105 40922
Wairarapa 12016 7268
Waitematā 118844 71201
West Coast 8358 5713
Whanganui 13786 10107
Overseas / Unknown 601 371
Total 924776 628259

Note: We cannot give detailed information about vaccinated individuals in your district, city or town, as we must protect the privacy of the people concerned.

** The DHB of residence is where the vaccinated person resides, which may differ from the DHB where they received their vaccination. The DHB of service is available in the spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

Vaccinations by group by week

Vaccinations by group

Cumulative vaccinations by group

Priority Group First dose administered Second dose administered
Group 1 57102 53776
Group 2 485895 349435
Group 3 295593 179172
Group 4 86186 45876

For definitions of the groups and further detail see the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

Vaccine available for distribution at week end

Vaccine available for distribution at week end

Vaccine available for distribution is stock (in doses) held at central warehouses. It does not include stock in transit or available at sites ready for use.

Cumulative vaccinations by ethnicity

Ethnicity * First dose administered Second dose administered
Māori 87158 58569
Pacific Peoples 59627 39964
Asian 145208 98649
European / Other 624837 425575
Unknown 7946 5502
Total 924776 628259

* The prioritised ethnicity classification system allocates each person to a single ethnic group, based on the ethnic groups they identify with. Where people identify with more than one group, they are assigned in this order of priority: Māori, Pacific Peoples, Asian, and European/Other. So, if a person identifies as being Māori and New Zealand European, the person is counted as Māori. See Ethnicity Data Protocols for further information.

Ethnicity breakdown by DHB of residence is available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

Cumulative vaccinations by age

Age First dose administered Second dose administered
10 - 19 years 12924 8199
20 - 29 years 79859 60234
30 - 39 years 93170 69456
40 - 49 years 93912 67247
50 - 59 years 138078 95262
60 - 69 years 200242 127890
70 - 79 years 197795 126379
80 - 89 years 88499 58520
90 + years / Unknown 20297 15072
Total 924776 628259

Age breakdown by ethnicity and gender is available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

Cumulative vaccinations by gender

Gender First dose administered Second dose administered
Female 527732 370732
Male 396051 256920
Other / Unknown 993 607
Total 924776 628259

Gender breakdown by ethnicity and age is available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

Trained vaccinators and active vaccinators

Trained vaccinators and active vaccinators

Trained vaccinators are individuals who have completed the COVID-19 training. Many trained people are only able to offer a small number of hours to the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Active vaccinators are trained individuals who are actively vaccinating. The number of active vaccinators does not reflect the hours worked vaccinating. For example, one vaccinator may work 40 hours in a week at one DHB and will show as 1 vaccinator in the headcount. In another DHB, 4 vaccinators may work 10 hours each (total 40 hours), but will show as 4 vaccinators in the headcount for that week.

Both counts of trained and active vaccinators are cumulative. The difference between the two is due to a number of factors. This includes: individuals being trained in anticipation of future sites being opened (the largest factor); rostering; leave or non-availability; local health priorities; sites opening and closing.

Usage of vaccine stock

New Zealand 99.5%

Usage is an estimate of how many vaccines distributed to sites are administered to individuals. The analysis is subject to a number of assumptions around how vaccines are distributed and consumed. These assumptions may change over time.

Details of vaccination data

Download a spreadsheet containing key vaccination data.

COVID-19 vaccination data through 20 Jul 2021 (Excel, 125 KB)

This spreadsheet is based on the information made available at the time of publishing and may be subject to changes. Please take note of any notes and caveats on each sheet.

Adverse events following immunisations (AEFI)

Like all medicines, the COVID-19 vaccine may cause side effects in some people. These are common, are usually mild, don’t last long and won’t stop people from having the second dose or going about daily life. Serious allergic reactions do occur but are extremely rare.

Suspected AEFI to COVID-19 vaccines are reported to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM). Medsafe is closely monitoring the AEFI reported from the use of the COVID-19 vaccine and will report regularly on their findings. 

View Medsafe data on COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects following immunisation

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