Consultation, decision-making and complaints processes

Information for Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) assessors on decision-making and complaints processes, including when to consult with an EMS advisor.

Consultation with an EMS Advisor

This document provides guidance on when EMS assessors need to consult with EMS advisors.

Decision-making and review processes

This document describes the processes for these situations:

  • services not supported by the EMS assessor
  • review of an assessment by an EMS assessor
  • review of a proposal by the Ministry’s EMS Review Panel
  • making a complaint about any disability support service.

Complaints Process

This document describes the process for making a complaint about the outcome of a service request, ie, funding not being available for equipment or modifications.

Contacts for Clients

A print-out sheet with contact details for clients who aren’t happy with the outcome of a service request. The sheet is designed to be printed and cut in three.

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