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The world of technology is advancing rapidly and affecting many aspects of our daily lives such as the way we shop, bank and travel. Health services are also being transformed by emerging technologies, changing what, how, where and when services are provided, as well as who provides them.

What could the future of digital healthcare look like for a consumer?

Title: What could the future of digital healthcare look like for a consumer?

[Nikau, a Māori male in his mid 20s, talks to viewer, he is on a break from his labouring job.]

[Nikau to camera]

Kia ora, I’m Nikau and I’ve just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My doc thinks this is a really big deal, but I’m not too worried cos I’ve got all these cool technologies to help me out.

Cutaway to image of implanted monitoring device in arm and AI assistant speaks from his watch as he continues talking – speech bubble “Nikau you should be having your sandwich now”

[Nikau voiceover]

I’ve got a device in my arm that’s always checking my blood sugar levels and giving me insulin as I need it. If the levels drop, my AI assistant Andy tells me he’s adjusting the levels and reminds me what to eat.

[Cutaway to image of app on a smartphone (paper thin device) showing online health record – images of other health professionals linking into or viewing this info as well.]

[Nikau voiceover]

I can see all my readings in this sweet app on my smartphone, along with all my other medical info. It really helps me understand how I manage my diabetes and it’s good to know my docs and nurses can see it too cos I live pretty far away from a hospital.

[Nikau to camera]

I can even check who’s been looking at my info online.

[Cutaway to image of Nikau with streamlined looking virtual reality glasses on, with image showing what he can see which is his specialist in a hospital room]

[Nikau voiceover]

Yesterday I had a virtual appointment with my specialist. She said her AI assistant had been checking me out online and I’m doing real well so far, but I need to stop smoking, it's pretty hard to hide things from your docs these days!

What could the future of digital healthcare look like for a community nurse?

Title: What could the future of digital healthcare look like for a community nurse?

[Mary is pakeha female in her 50s, she’s looking at a tablet device while in an office environment.]

[Mary to camera]

Hi, I’m Mary, a registered nurse working in the community.

[Cutaway to image of patient monitoring devices such as heart rate and blood pressure as well as kettle and fridge feeding information into central portal, which then pops up with an alert.]

[Mary voiceover]

Machine learning algorithms monitor all of my patients via readings from their wearable devices and smart home. Anything out of the norm and I’m immediately alerted and given a range of actions.

[Mary voiceover]

One of my elderly patients, Tom, had a fall yesterday. His readings show he hasn’t been moving around much so I’m going to see him.

[Cutaway to image of Mary talking to Tom in his home, a 3D printer prints prescription and drone delivery to Tom’s door – list of meds appears: Aspirin Paracetamol Codeine Ibuprofen.]

[Mary voiceover]

He is in a lot of pain so I prescribe paracetamol. My AI assistant advises on the correct dose for Tom and the medication is produced by 3D printer and delivered to his door. I also connect him to an online exercise programme.

[Cutaway to Mary back at home talking into her tablet and info appearing in online care plan.]

[Mary voiceover]

I dictate my assessment of Tom, which is automatically loaded on to his care plan for everyone within his team to see.

[Mary to camera]

These automated systems mean I can closely monitor more people and prioritise the patients I need to see in person

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