Ships exempted from quarantine requirements

The Director-General of Health has exempted some types of vessels from certain quarantine requirements, such as having to notify the public health unit of health status prior to arrival or present a Maritime Declaration of Health.

However, if a disease is known or is suspected to be on board any exempted vessel, then all health and quarantine provisions apply, and vessels must advise health authorities of their health status prior to arrival.

The following ships have been granted an exemption:

  • all yachts, as defined in the Shipping and Seamen’s Act 1952
  • all ships belonging to the:
    • Royal New Zealand Navy
    • Royal Navy
    • Royal Australian Navy
    • United States Navy
    • Royal Canadian Navy
  • foreign vessels that have been granted pratique at a previous New Zealand port, if they have only been ‘at sea’ in the intervening period.

Exempted navy vessels do their own inspections and will inform the appropriate health authorities if any illness or sickness is detected.

All yachts arriving in New Zealand are inspected by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health and MPI, to identify the presence of exotic mosquitoes (at any life stage) or of their actual or potential breeding sites. Should MPI become aware of illness on any vessel they must contact the relevant Medical Officer of Health or a health protection officer.

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