Requirements for vessels to receive pratique

All commercial vessels must apply in writing in advance of their arrival to a number of New Zealand government agencies.

The New Zealand Border Agencies’ Advance Notice of Arrival Form covers the information required from commercial vessels arriving in New Zealand from an overseas port. This form and a follow-up ‘no change of status report’ must be received in order for a vessel to be granted quarantine clearance.

Advance Notice of Arrival Form

The Advance Notice of Arrival Form contains information about the ship, such as:

  • its voyage details
  • information about its crew, passengers and cargo
  • health protection and quarantine information
  • biosecurity quarantine information
  • maritime security information
  • the ship’s agent’s detail
  • a range of supporting documents.

All arriving vessels must submit the form no less than 48 hours before arrival in New Zealand to the appropriate government agencies. It can be completed and submitted in a number of ways (eg, radio, fax or email).

Health information covered by the form

Some of the key health-related information covered by the Advance Notice of Arrival Form includes:

  • the last port of call and the date of departure from that port
  • health conditions on board, including details of:
    • any death other than by accident during the voyage
    • illness during the voyage where a person had a temperature, rash, glandular swelling, or jaundice persisting for more than 24 hours
    • any diarrhoea or vomiting (apart from that associated with sea sickness)
    • the presence of symptoms suggestive of any notifiable infectious disease as listed in the Health Act 1956.

Where to submit the form

When a commercial vessel or cruise ship arrives in New Zealand, the New Zealand Customs Service will be the first point of contact. Customs need to know the people, goods and cargo you have on board; who and what is going to stay in the country; and who and what is going to leave. Customs works with other government agencies to make sure that when crew and passengers enter New Zealand, they do so with appropriate Customs clearances.

The Advance Notice of Arrival Form is to be sent by the Ship’s Master or their agent to the following:

  • New Zealand Customs Service at the first port at which the vessel is to arrive, or the Customs office nearest to that port
  • Ministry for Primary Industries Biosecurity New Zealand (MPIBNZ) at the first port at which the vessel is to arrive, or the MPIBNZ office nearest to that port – include the Ballast Water Declaration Part 1 (and Part 2 if required)
  • the Customs National Call Centre
  • Maritime New Zealand (the first two pages only)
  • a medical officer of health or health protection officer at the port of arrival or nearest public health unit.

The contact details for these agencies are available from Customs.

No change of status report

The ship’s Master should provide a ‘no change of health status’ confirmation 12–24 hours before arrival. This should be submitted to health officers at the vessel’s port of arrival (eg, by radio, fax or email).

March 2020: An updated version of the No Change of Health Status Report for Health Pratique form, which include questions relating to COVID-19 is now available at Resources for air crew and the border sector.

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