National collections provide valuable health information to support decision-making in policy development, funding and at the point of care. This information contributes to improving the health outcomes of New Zealanders.

On request, data from national collections can be made available to researchers and the public. Email requests to: [email protected].

In this section

  • The General Medical Subsidies Collection (GMS) contains data on the fee-for-service payments made to doctors for patient visits. Read more
  • The Laboratory Claims Collection contains claim and payment information for community laboratory tests. Read more
  • The Medical Warning System is an alert service linked to National Health Index numbers. It warns health care providers of known risk factors that could be important when making clinical decisions about patient care. This includes drug allergies or medical conditions. Read more
  • The Mortality Collection classifies the underlying cause of death for all deaths registered in New Zealand, and all registerable stillbirths (fetal deaths). Read more
  • The National Booking Reporting System contains information by health specialty and booking status on how many patients are waiting for elective surgery, and how long they have had to wait before receiving it. Read more
  • The National Booking Reporting System Data Warehouse was established to consolidate information from the National Booking Reporting System (NBRS) inpatient database, summary statistics, and cost weighted discharge information from the National Minimum Dataset and Sector Operations. Read more
  • The National Maternity Collection provides statistical, demographic and clinical information about selected publicly funded maternity services up to nine months before and three months after a birth. Read more
  • The National Minimum Dataset is a national collection of public and private hospital discharge information, including coded clinical data for inpatients and day patients. Read more
  • The National Non-Admitted Patients Collection information includes event-based purchase units that relate to medical and surgical outpatient events and emergency department events. Read more
  • The new National Patient Flow Collection will provide more comprehensive information on the outcome of referrals from primary care to secondary care and the time it takes patients to access care. Read more
  • The New Zealand Cancer Registry (NZCR) is a population-based register of all primary malignant diseases diagnosed in New Zealand, excluding squamous and basal cell skin cancers. Read more
  • The Pharmaceutical Collection is a data warehouse that supports the management of pharmaceutical subsidies. It contains claim and payment information from pharmacists for subsidised dispensings. Read more
  • The PHO Enrolment Collection provides a national collection that holds Primary Healthcare System patient enrolment data. It is used for monitoring patient enrolment and for research. Read more
  • PRIMHD is a single national data collection for mental health and addiction. Read more
  • The National Immunisation Register contains all registered immunisation enrolments and events of children born since 2005. Read more
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