Subtalar Arthroereisis

Created Dec 2013
Reviewed Dec 2019


A patient had a procedure called a subtalar arthroereisis, according to an internet research it is a procedure in which a spacer or implant is inserted into the joint space (usually the sinus tarsi of the subtalar joint) to reduce the movement of the joint.  This joint does not become fixed as in an arthrodesis procedure.

We took the procedure to 90599-00 [1544] Other repair of ankle which is in the same group of blocks (repair) as the similar, but more invasive, subtalar arthrodesis procedure, it was generally agreed that this was probably the best choice but there was also the possibility of 50106-00 [1571] Joint stabilisation, not elsewhere classified.

Included is the specific part of the operation note:

“Under II control a stab incision was made over the sinus tarsi.  Under II control the trial arthroereisis plug was inserted into satisfactory position.  The size 9 gave satisfactory block of excessive eversion, satisfactory overall position and reasonable inversion.  Definitive implant was inserted under II control.  This wound was washed out and closed with Nylon.”


The most appropriate procedure code is 49709-00 [1542] Stabilisation of ankle.
Use free text to specify the procedure performed.

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