Pressure ulcer of below knee amputation (BKA)

Created Dec 2015
Reviewed Dec 2019


1. Patient has an ulcer on his BKA stump, which is documented to be due to the prosthesis.  Should this be coded to L89.- Pressure injury,  T87.- Complications peculiar to reattachment and amputation, or L97 Ulcer of lower limb, not elsewhere classified?

2. Patient presents for spinal surgery and has a history of BKA.  A pressure area is noted on the lower thigh and attributed to the straps from the prosthesis.  During the admission he only used his prosthesis when mobilising and this cleared up the pressure area.  Do we need to assign external cause codes?  If so, which ones?


In both cases the pressure injury code L89.- is sufficient.  The assignment of additional codes will capture information on the relevant comorbidities associated with the development of the pressure injury.

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