MAG-3 Renal Scan

Created Aug 2020


A 21-month-old child was admitted same day for a MAG-3 nuclear medicine renal study under sedation for a follow up investigation of their congenital left calyceal dilation (previously cancelled pyeloplasty as repeat ultrasound at the time showed improvement).

The study was performed using Technetium labelled MAG3. 200MBq of activity was injected intravenously with administration of 8mg of Lasix (diuretic) intravenously at the beginning of the study.

What ACHI code is assigned for this procedure?


As per ACS 0042 Procedures normally not coded point 11 Imaging services, this nuclear medicine study would normally not be coded.  However, as a cerebral anaesthesia was required for the imaging procedure to be performed and the event met the NMDS three-hour admission rule for reporting, the most appropriate ACHI code assigned for the MAG-3 renal scan is 61389-00 [2008] Renal study with preprocedural administration of diuretic or angiotensin converting enzyme [ACE] inhibitor. Free text should be used to specify the procedure.


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