Emphysematous cystitis

Created Feb 2012
Reviewed Dec 2019


What ICD-10-AM diagnosis code should be assigned for emphysematous cystitis?

Research indicates this is a ‘rare disease entity caused by gas fermenting bacterial and fungal pathogens. Clinical symptoms are nonspecific and diagnostic clues often arise from the unanticipated imaging findings’. (Emphysematous cystitis: An unusual disease of the Genito-Urinary system suspected on imaging)


Based on research and clinical advice the ICD-10-AM diagnosis code to assign for emphysematous cystitis is N30.8 Other cystitis with free text used to specify the type of cystitis.

ICD-10-AM Alphabetic Index

Cystitis (exudative) (haemorrhagic) (septic) (suppurative) N30.9
- specified NEC N30.8

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