Dental – discing/disking

Created Oct 2016
Reviewed Dec 2019


During dental admissions the dentists use the term ‘discing’ or ‘disking’.

We couldn’t identify an appropriate ACHI code so have been assigning 97982-00 [490] Enamel stripping of tooth.
One of our coders has suggested 9717100 [455] Ondontoplasty, per tooth is more appropriate.

An extract from an op note might read as follows:
“The labial surfaces of teeth 71, 72 and 82 were disked and fluoride applied”

Can NZCA please advise what ACHI code should be assigned for dental discing/disking?


Dental discing/disking is a procedure generally performed for children who have tight teeth that are prone to decay.  The procedure involves removal of enamel by sanding the tooth surface to reshape or reduce the tooth size to allow for adjacent permanent teeth to erupt. 

When discing/disking is performed assign ACHI code 97982-00 [490] Enamel stripping of tooth per tooth and use free text to specify the procedure and the tooth involved, for example, Disking labial surface of tooth 71.

The code assignment has been confirmed following consultation with several DHB Dentists.  

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