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Resources for service providers to check eligibility

These resources have been designed to assist service providers to establish whether a person is eligible for publicly funded health and disability services.

In this section

  • This eligibility checklist is a quick reference to find out if someone meets the eligibility criteria, and to help you ask them for the right proof of eligibility. Read more
  • A pregnant woman who is herself ineligible for publicly funded health and disability services may be able to access maternity-related services if her husband or partner is an eligible person. To access the services the woman must provide proof of the partnership. Read more
  • This page includes examples of documents that might be used to confirm a person’s eligibility, such as refugee and protected persons letters, certificates of participation in the Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship Scheme, and letters proving that a child is in the process of being adopted. Read more
  • Only people eligible for the full range of publicly funded health and disability services can enrol with a PHO. They must also meet the enrolment requirements to be entitled to enrol (ie, intend for the provider they’re enrolling with to be their ongoing primary health care provider). Read more
  • Determination of eligibility is a process to resolve disputes about eligibility for publicly funded health and disability services. Read more
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