Special Authority

Special Authority is an application process in which a prescriber requests government subsidy on a Community Pharmaceutical for a particular person.

Applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Health by the prescriber for the request to be processed.

Once approved the prescriber is provided a Special Authority number which must appear on the prescription. Specialists who make an application must communicate the valid authority number to the prescriber who will be writing the prescriptions.

The authority number can provide access to subsidy, increased subsidy, or waive certain restrictions otherwise present on the Community Pharmaceutical.

Who do I contact to order more Special Authority application forms?

The current Special Authority application forms can be downloaded from the PHARMAC website or by contacting the PHARMAC Contact Centre on 0800 243 666 - option 1.

What is the time frame in processing an application?

Sector Operations aims to process all Special authority applications within ten working days.

How do I send my applications to Sector Operations?

Send all completed applications to:

Special Authority
Ministry of Health
Fax 0800 100 131


Special Authority
Ministry of Health
Private Bag 3015
Whanganui Mail Centre
Whanganui 4540

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