Maternity claim forms

Authorised doctors, midwives and specialists can claim maternity services payments to reimburse them for all maternity-related services. New Zealand women are not charged for their maternity care.

COVID 19 claims: For information on claiming for COVID-19 related transfers of care, see the Primary Maternity Services Notice.

Registration with a lead maternity carer

Sector Operations can tell you if a woman has already been registered with a lead maternity carer – call 0800 855 066. (They won’t be able to tell you who the lead maternity carer is.)

Claim forms

Lead maternity carer services

You’ll need to send in a completed claim summary form along with any of these claim forms.

Non-lead maternity carer and specialist services

You’ll need to send in a completed claim summary form along with any of these claim forms.

Second midwife support service

Information on this service can be found at Second midwife support. In order to claim for provision of this service the claim must be made by the second midwife using the identifier for the non-LMC labour and birth (rural support) module via a vendor, OMC or by paper-based claiming. For paper-based claiming use the claim form for non-LMC services, and tick the service type: labour and birth (rural support).

Submitting forms

You can send forms either electronically or in the post.

To use the post, send completed forms to:

Sector Operations
PO Box 1026
Wellington 6140

To send them electronically, call Sector Operations on 0800 855 066.

You can submit multiple claim forms at once. Please ensure that all forms are securely attached to each other.

If you are unable to download forms from the website and you need more forms, call us on 0800 353 2425 – you will need to provide your payee number. The forms are free.

If you have filled out a form on your computer, print it off and send to the address above. Remember to keep a copy for your own records.

Payment of claims

Payment turnaround is based on the way Sector Operations receives your claims.

  • If you send your claims through electronically they will be processed and paid within 10 working days of receipt.
  • If you send your claims on paper they will be processed within 22 working days of receipt.

To ensure prompt payment, make sure the information on the claim forms is correct and that all required information has been included.

If you are submitting forms electronically, make certain they provide all the information that a standard Sector Operations form has and that they are in an easy-to-understand format.

If you have any questions about the claim form requirements, call Sector Operations on 0800 855 066.

Returned claim forms

If your claim form is sent back, we will include a letter explaining why the form was rejected. In most cases the errors are also highlighted on the claim form.

Registering as a maternity provider

To register as a maternity provider, download and complete the application pack:

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