Carer Support claims

Carer Support is a subsidy funded by the Ministry of Health to assist the unpaid, full-time carer of a disabled person to take a break from caring for that person.

29 June 2022: Ongoing flexibility extended for Family/Whānau/Āiga when accessing Carer Support and Individualised Funding

For more information on the subsidy, read How to Claim Carer Support (PDF, 301 KB).

Claim form

Full-time carers will  receive a claim form:

  • when a new allocation of Carer Support has been made for their client or
  • where a claim form for Carer Support has been processed and paid, and a claim form is sent out with the client’s remaining Carer Support allocation.

If you have not received a claim form for your new allocation or need a spare claim form please download the form – available in PDF and Word formats.

Please note that while the form can be completed electronically, we currently require you to print and sign the form and post it to us using FreePost for processing. If you have purchased something, you must include the receipts for that purchase.

If you have any questions please contact your NASC or the Ministry of Health Contact Centre on 0800 855 066.

The timeframe for claims processing is 10 working days.

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