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Everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand aged 5 years and over is eligible for free COVID-19 vaccination. Those over 18 who are fully vaccinated can also book their free booster. It doesn’t matter what your visa or citizenship status is.

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A third primary dose of the child Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now available for tamariki aged 5 to 11 years old who are severely immunocompromised
> COVID-19 vaccine: Severely immunocompromised people

Boosters now available for ages 16 or 17 – 6 months after a completed primary course
Rangatahi aged 16 or 17 can get a COVID-19 booster from any walk-in vaccination site or book through Book My Vaccine.
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When you should get a vaccine if you've had COVID-19
It’s recommended you wait 3 months after testing positive for COVID-19, before getting any COVID-19 vaccination. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine sooner than 3 months might reduce your immune response to the vaccine. 
> Getting a COVID-19 vaccine if you've had COVID-19

Vaccine data and statistics

As at 11:59pm on 15 May 2022


of ages 12+ have completed their primary course

That's 3,978,784 people


of ages 5 to 11 have had a first dose

That's 262,245 tamariki


of ages 18+ have had a booster

That's 2,645,189 people

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Vaccination uptake rates across NZ

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