Work with us: integrating with the Ministry’s contact tracing APIs

Integrate your software with the Ministry’s APIs to help us enhance New Zealand’s COVID-19 response by increasing the speed and efficiency of contact tracing.

In this section

  • The NZ COVID Tracer application is an excellent contact tracing tool but we know it will not meet everyone’s needs. That’s why we are enabling third-party apps to exchange digital contact tracing information with the Ministry. This will help us rapidly identify and manage new cases of COVID-19 so we can break the chain of virus transmission. Read more
  • The Ministry has created a number of APIs, outlined below, enabling third-party vendors and developers to receive information about COVID-19 exposure events, and to transfer relevant contact tracing information to the Ministry. Read more
  • The Ministry of Health has certain expectations of integration partners. These help ensure integration partners’ solutions comply with relevant legislation and policy, and also outline minimum standards expected of integration partners in several areas.  Read more
  • Register your interest in becoming a certified integration partner. Read more
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