COVID-19: Vaccine data

Data and statistics about the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in New Zealand.

Data in this section is as at 11:59pm 21 March 2023 and is updated weekly on Wednesdays between 1pm and 1.30pm.

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COVID-19 vaccinations summary

Second Boosters Administered


Total Doses Administered


First Boosters Administered


Percentage of 12+ who have completed primary course


Percentage of eligible 50+ who have received second booster


Percentage of eligible 18+ who have received first booster


Work is currently underway for mapping DHB to District. In the interim until this is complete each instance of "DHB" on this webpage has been replaced with "District".

Metrics on this page can use one of two views of the data. An operational view or a person view. There are two main differences between the views which result in slightly different totals.

  • Occasionally doses that are recorded as first doses in CIR are actually a person's second doses. This means they will appear as dose 1 in the operational view but will appear as completed primary course in the person view (this is a data entry issue only and does not impact the dose that the person received).
  • Those who have been vaccinated overseas will only appear in the person view, they will not appear in the operational view.

In short, the operational view shows how doses administered in New Zealand were recorded in CIR. The person view shows the vaccination status of people regardless of how that was recorded or whether it was in New Zealand.

Total Vaccinations

  Vaccinations last week Cumulative total
First dose 34 4,031,102
Second dose 40 3,984,140
Third primary 16 34,147
Booster 1 454 2,755,064
Booster 2 1,885 762,541
Paediatric First Dose 61 270,227
Paediatric Second Dose 95 156,151
Infant First Dose 10 67
Infant Second Dose 10 21
Infant Third Dose 0 0
Total doses 2,879 11,994,796

This table is an operational view.


  • Cumulative total: All vaccinations that have been administered and entered into the COVID-19 Immunisation Register up until midnight of the night before the data is published.
  • Vaccinated or booked: Count of individuals who have either received their vaccination or have booked via Book My Vaccine to receive a vaccination.

HSU population estimates are available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page. Throughout the rest of this uptake percentages are based on eligible (12+) population.

Bookings are only counted if the site is using Book My Vaccine. Bookings made through other Patient Management Systems are not counted.

Booster breakdowns

Booster counts by ethnicity

Ethnicity Booster 1 (16-17) Booster 1 (18+) Booster 2 (50+)
Māori 1,400 251,553 51,555
Pacific Peoples 1,033 153,630 23,251
Asian 2,951 455,364 48,756
European/Other 8,524 1,827,080 577,899
Unknown 52 22,153 3,663
Total 13,960 2,709,780 705,124

This table is a person view.

Booster 2 uptake by age group

Age Group Eligible Received Uptake
12 to 17 - 55 -
18 to 34 - 12,978 -
35 to 49 70,207 38,077 -
50 to 64 728,336 221,308 30.4%
65+ 746,851 483,816 64.8%

This table is a person view.

Vaccine uptake percentage by age band

Vaccine uptake percentage by Age Group

Ethnicity breakdown by District of residence is available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

Vaccine uptake percentage by District of residence 12+

Vaccine uptake percentage by District of residence

*Note, this figure does not include 5-11 year olds

Vaccinations by day

Vaccination doses administered per day

This chart shows the count of vaccinations administered on a given day from the COVID-19 Immunisation Register. Note some records are entered in the register at a later date than the immunisation was received. This means that the figures for a given date may move for some time after that date.

Details of vaccination data

Download a spreadsheet containing key vaccination data. This includes HSU based population estimates for calculating vaccine uptake rates.

COVID-19 vaccination data through 28 Feb 2023 (Excel, 1272 KB)

This spreadsheet is based on the information made available at the time of publishing and may be subject to changes. Please take note of any notes and caveats on each sheet.

Adverse events following immunisations (AEFI)

Like all medicines, the COVID-19 vaccine may cause side effects in some people. These are common, are usually mild, don’t last long and won’t stop people from having the second dose or going about daily life. Serious allergic reactions do occur but are extremely rare.

Suspected AEFI to COVID-19 vaccines are reported to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM). Medsafe is closely monitoring the AEFI reported from the use of the COVID-19 vaccine and will report regularly on their findings. 

View Medsafe data on COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects following immunisation

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