The New Zealand Health Strategy

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02 December 2000

We're updating the New Zealand Health Strategy – find out more at New Zealand Health Strategy update and associated reviews.

The New Zealand Health Strategy sets the platform for the Government’s action on health. It identifies the Government’s priority areas and aims to ensure that health services are directed at those areas that will ensure the highest benefits for our population, focusing in particular on tackling inequalities in health.

The Strategy provides the framework within which District Health Boards and other organisations across the health sector will operate. It highlights the priorities the Government considers to be most important. Those priorities reflect diseases such as diabetes and cancer as well as factors that influence health such as smoking and nutrition.

The New Zealand Health Strategy sits alongside the New Zealand Disability Strategy, released in April 2001.

Implementing the New Zealand Health Strategy is an annual report that details the actions taken each year to progress the Ministry’s priority areas.

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