Health care services

In this section

  • A 24/7 Earthquake Support Line is run by the National Telehealth Service. Read more
  • A Health Passport is designed for people with disabilities or complex needs – it contains the information you want health workers to know about supporting you. Read more
  • If your child has a hearing loss, finding it early is good for their language, learning and social development. Find out about the free hearing checks available for your child. Read more
  • A number of Māori health providers are contracted to district health boards throughout Aotearoa – find a provider in your area. Read more
  • Find out about support services to help older people keep well and remain independent, and about certification and audit of rest homes. Read more
  • The Ministry of Health funds free vision checks for children. If your child has a vision problem, finding it early is good for their learning and development. Read more
  • Learn about the services offered by dentists, which services are publicly funded, and how to access emergency dental care. Read more
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