What travel assistance covers

Travel costs

  • Assistance with travel costs may cover private vehicle, public transport and specialised transport needs (for example, taxi, mobility taxi or air travel). (Mileage is calculated via the shortest practical route from your residential address to the facility or hospital treating department.)

Accommodation costs

  • Accommodation costs may include payment towards the cost of a motel room, or an allowance when staying with friends and family. (Accommodation is not usually approved for travel less than 100 km one way.)

Support person’s costs

  • You may able to claim assistance towards a support person's costs – for example, if the specialist recommends you have a support person to assist you with clinical decision-making or provide physical support.
  • When a child is eligible for travel and accommodation assistance, they’re automatically eligible for assistance towards a support person's costs.

Specialist approval

Please note that your specialist may need to approve claims for some costs (for example, accommodation, support person and specialist transport).

Find out more from the Ministry

Learn more about the National Travel Assistance Scheme.

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