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Website information and resources for those seeking help and advice for their alcohol or drug use.

Help with alcohol and drugs

Browse through these websites and resources for advice and strategies to help with an alcohol or drug problem. 

Services won’t be able to help you if you contact them while you are intoxicated.

In crisis? If you are really sick or concerned about someone’s condition call 111 and ask for an ambulance.

Alcohol Drug Helpline – Confidential advice and support to get help for yourself or someone you know. Free phone, text, online chat, information and resources. Also includes helplines for youth, Māori and Pacific callers:

Alcoholics Anonymous – Voluntary support group who meet together to stop drinking and stay sober. No membership fee.

Drugs focused services

Drug Help  For people concerned about how drugs are affecting their lives, because of their own use or someone else's.

P**d off – Booklet with information and strategies for young people wanting to stop using meth (P, ice, speed): P**d off  (PDF, 192KB) – Matuaraki website

Pot Help – Information and online support resource for people who are concerned about how cannabis use is affecting their lives.

Psychoactive substances help – (party pills, herbal highs, legal highs, synthetic cannabis). Pamphlet with information on symptoms, when to get immediate help, what to expect when you stop using: Getting Help: Psychoactive Substances (pdf, 580 KB)

Alcohol focused services – Comprehensive information, help and advice for adults, parents and caregivers of children and teenagers, older people.

Living sober – Information about getting help, tools and resources for staying sober, community blog posts.

Whaiora Online – Online community to help you find support and advice.

Take the next step

If you'd like to get some confidential advice or find what services you can access to help you or someone you know, check the services listed in the sections:

Support for your family, whānau, friends

If you're concerned about how your alcohol or drug use is affecting those around you, there are support services available :


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