Funded Family Care

Funded Family Care is Ministry of Health funding for some eligible disabled people to employ their parents or family members over 18 who they live with to provide them with their personal care and/or household management supports.

A person cannot use Funded Family Care to pay their spouse or partner or use it to pay for any other supports they may need.

Finding out if you can get Funded Family Care

Ask your Needs Assessment and Service Coordination organisation (NASC) about Funded Family Care. Your health professional will tell you how to contact your nearest NASC – or look on the NASC services page.

Your NASC will meet with you to assess your eligibility and talk everything through. Your NASC’s role is to assess your disability needs and discuss your goals. They assess what help you may need with personal care, such as having a shower or eating, and household tasks such as cleaning or cooking. Then they make a support plan that records how to meet your needs and reach your goals.

If your NASC does not think you meet the conditions for Funded Family Care, you can still apply for it as an exception. Ask your NASC if they will help you make an exceptions application to the Ministry of Health.

More about Funded Family Care

There is more information about Funded Family Care in the Questions and answers and in the Funded Family Care Operational Policy 2013. If you have other questions you can email

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  • Detailed questions and answers on Funded Family Care, which funds some disabled people with high or very high needs to employ their parents or other family or whānau members they live with to provide them with disability supports. Read more
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