Child Development Services

If your preschooler has a disability, or isn’t achieving developmental milestones, Child Development Services are here to help you.

They’re a non-medical, multidisciplinary allied health and community-based service who will work with you and your child to determine how best to encourage your child’s development.

They will:

  • provide specialist assessment for your child
  • organise intervention and management services
  • work with other agencies to ensure your child gets integrated support.

The service focuses on early intervention to achieve the best results for your child. They’ll encourage and help your child to achieve their potential.

Child Development Services are community-based and will usually take place in your home or sometimes in other community settings.

How do I access the services?

Your GP, Well Child nurse or child health specialist will be able to provide you with further information about the Child Development Service in your region (different areas have different access criteria). Talk to them about a referral.

Find out more from the Ministry

View the Service specifications for Child Development Service providers.

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