Carer Support online claiming system

Information for full-time carers.

The Ministry is implementing a new Carer Support online claiming system to make it easier to manage Disability Support funded Carer Support subsidy claims. We aim to have this ready by early to mid 2022.

The new system is in response to feedback on the current paper-based manual system. We’ve listened and want to make it easier for you to claim, and for carers to have visibility over their Carer Support recipient’s subsidy allocation and use.

Along with making the claiming process easier, we will also be making some other improvements that will allow carers to make the best use of the carer support subsidy allocation. The new system will:

  • support claims to be made for both the purchase of respite items and traditional carer relief care
  • enable carers to aggregate claims so that they can make the best use of carer support days
  • remove the restriction of using only one carer support day per calendar day.

The Carer Support subsidy allocation is still made in days. However, with the new system it can be used more like a budget so carers and their whānau can choose the respite support that best works for them. This is part of the Ministry’s ongoing commitment to the Enabling Good Lives (EGL) principles and vision and for Disability System Transformation.

Full-time carers will be able to:

  • access their Carer Support recipient’s eligibility days and eligibility period
  • submit claims for respite items and relief care online without having to fill in forms and post them
  • be guided as to whether an item meets the Purchasing Guidelines
  • track the status of claims
  • receive payment more quickly.

Paper claiming will still be an option if carers wish to continue to use this process.

We continue to work through the details of the new process and expect the release to be by early to mid 2022. Keep an eye on the Ministry website for more detailed information and updates. 

As we get closer to release, we will send a letter to full-time carers explaining exactly what they need to do to sign up  All they will need is an active email address that only they use and their Carer Support ID.

The new system is being designed to meet the Ministry of Health’s security and privacy requirements and will be subject to regular and thorough security testing.

Lots of detail is still to be worked through and the information below gives you an idea of what the system will do.


You are the only one who will be able to sign up using the details that we send you. After you are set up, only you can access your information by using the email address and the password you have chosen. You will have access to:

  • Allocation period
  • Allocation days available within the allocation period
  • Allocation days used in the current allocation period
  • Allocation balance – based on allocation days less days used.

You will only be able to view your current allocation and any payments that you have received within the current allocation period and any periods going forward.

If you are the full-time carer for more than one person, there will be the ability to switch between allocations for each person you support.

Communications and paper claims

If you sign up to and use the new system, we will communicate with you via alerts through the system or by email, significantly reducing delays.

If there is an issue with your claim you will be notified with via email and the application. There will be an alert within the system if there is any action required from you to progress a claim.

If the item you are claiming reimbursement for is higher than the days eligibility you have left, then the system will let you know this when you are making the claim. You can then choose to either not make the claim, or to use up the remainder of your allocation days.

You can still continue to use the current paper form to make a claim and will be sent a replacement form if you choose to submit via paper, but you won’t get the benefit of the notification.

Relief Care and Respite Items definitions

‘Relief Care’ is the term for traditional carer support. This relates to care provided by either a formal or informal provider that allows the full-time carer to get a break.

‘Respite Items’ are purchased items that you may seek reimbursement for as long as they meet the Ministry of Health Purchasing Guidelines

Respite items can only be claimed by you and you will need to attach proof of purchase.

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