Kelvin's story

Meeting his Local Area Coordinator has inspired Kelvin to turn his craft into a small business. Soon, you will find him at the Tauranga boat ramps, selling his colourful fishing flies to the city’s boaties.


Kelvin and David
Kelvin shows off the bright fishing flies that he makes
and sells in Tauranga. He has started to turn his
hobby into a small business with guidance from
his LAC David Vaaulu.

Before he started selling his fishing gear, many people in Tauranga had already heard of Kelvin’s work.

His flies are bright, stylish, creative – and, most importantly, effective.

Kelvin met his Local Area Coordinator, David Vaaulu, through a referral from CCS Disability Action, who thought he might benefit from the programme.

‘David’s heard from shop owners about how good my gear is and how well it works,’ Kelvin says.

‘I won’t be a millionaire out of it but I see it putting me into a better position – a position of independence and that sort of thing.’

During the pair’s first few meetings, they talked about what Kelvin wanted to do in the future. Kelvin decided to try to make a living out of selling his fishing gear.

‘Everybody said that the stuff I made was of very good quality. When David saw what I did, he was one of the guys that inspired me.’

David says the pair discussed the benefits of Kelvin making his hobby a business. Kelvin wanted to make enough money to be able to go out charter fishing several times a year.

He has already booked his dream expedition – a fishing trip to White Island. ‘That’s where you catch kingfish almost as tall as me.’

He says having an LAC has helped to give him ‘a bit more belief in myself’.

‘My life has changed in a lot of ways and it’s all good. David’s got me motivated…[whereas] before I was a little bit unsure about myself and my abilities.’

However, David says Kelvin doesn’t give himself enough credit.

‘The work I’ve done with Kelvin, it’s nothing I’ve created. I’ve just been able to walk alongside Kelvin and give him a bit of guidance every now and then.’

Kelvin taught himself how to make the colourful flies, and hopes to extend his business one day by having a stall at a local Tauranga market.

‘In the summer time…I will park myself down at the boat ramps early in the morning. I’ll get down there at 4, 5 o’clock in the morning when the boaties are getting out.’

‘My long-term goal is to have a trailer with a generator on…and have bait as well – having a whole sort of set up, like a mobile miniature shop type thing.’

The Ministry of Health’s New Model for Supporting Disabled People is a new way of helping disabled people achieve their goals and have more choice and control over supports and funding in their everyday lives.

Local Area Coordinators walk alongside disabled people and their families to help them plan for a good life. They help disabled people to reach their goals by providing them with information and building relationships with the community. They also assist communities to include and welcome disabled people.




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