West Coast District Health Board

Contact and address

Postal address Grey Base Hospital
PO Box 387
Greymouth 7840
Email [email protected]
Website www.westcoastdhb.health.nz
Phone (03) 769 7400

About us

The West Coast DHB is charged with improving, promoting and protecting the health and independence of the West Coast population. Like all DHBs, we receive funding from Government with which to purchase and provide services to meet the needs of our population.

Well Child Tamariki Ora services are provided by our Public Health Nurses (in urban areas) and by Rural Nurses Specialists (in rural areas).

Health and disability services we offer

We provide the majority of specialist health and disability services for our population, through our hospital and specialist services and our DHB-owned general practices.

Public Health Nurses provide:

  • Tamariki Ora to rural and remote families; core and discretionary visits
  • health promotion and prevention to Early Childhood facilities
  • outreach services to families to support and ensure access to services
  • a referral hub to ensure ongoing health care and support is available to all families.

Public health nurses are also involved in delivering the B4 School Check one-stop-shop clinics across the region, supporting immunisation, oral health, and Vision & Hearing Test services. The B4SC Coordinator is responsible for this service across the DHB and is reliant on the Public Health Nurses and Rural Nurse Specialists in each area to assist.

Rural Nurse Specialists provide:

  • health promotion and prevention
  • WCTO services to the families in the Rural West Coast
  • consultations for families in the general practice/clinics and provide health care under the guidance of GPs.

Immunisation services for their community as part of their work with GPs.

District health board region

West Coast

Area we serve

Buller, Grey and Westland districts

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