Warming formula

You can warm infant formula before feeding it to your baby, but it’s not necessary to do so. Below are some options for warming your baby’s formula.

Important safety information

With any warming method:

  • Prepare the formula just before warming.
  • Before giving warmed formula to your baby, shake the bottle and drip some of the formula on the inside of your wrist (without touching the teat). Formula that feels just warm on your wrist is safe for your baby.
  • Formula that is too hot or unevenly heated can cause serious burns to your baby’s mouth and throat.
  • Use warmed formula within two hours and throw out any unused formula.
  • Never reheat warmed or partly used feeds.

Options for warming

Hot water bath

Place the bottle of prepared formula in a container of hot water. Once it is warmed, shake the bottle thoroughly so that the formula is at the same temperature throughout the bottle. Check the formula’s temperature on the inside of your wrist before giving it to your baby.

Baby bottle warmers

Most baby bottle warmers are electric and warm the formula to a safe temperature within a few minutes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Choose a bottle warmer that sounds an alarm when the safe temperature is reached and then automatically switches off.

Some baby bottle warmers use other ways to heat the formula, for example, using a car battery or activating a metal disc in a reusable warmer pouch. Both of these bottle warmers are safe to use as long as the formula is prepared by mixing the water and powder together just before warming.

Microwaves are not recommended

Microwaves are not recommended for warming formula because they can overheat the formula or heat it unevenly and burn your baby’s mouth and throat.

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