The 6-week immunisations

When your baby is 6 weeks old, take them to your general practice for their 6-week immunisations. Immunisations are free and it’s a great time for the doctor or practice nurse to meet your new baby.

The doctor or nurse may also check your baby’s health and development. Remember to take your baby’s My Health Book with you to the visit.

What happens at the visit?


Immunisation protects your child from some serious but preventable diseases and helps to stop those diseases spreading. There are seven immunisation visits for babies and children; the first is at 6 weeks. The doctor or practice nurse will talk with you about immunisation, give you information and answer any questions that you may have. Immunisation is your choice – if you agree, the doctor or practice nurse will immunise your baby.

Immunisations for babies and toddlers

The doctor and practice nurse may also:

  • talk to you about how things are going for you and your baby
  • check your baby’s health and development
  • check your baby’s hips
  • check that your baby can see well
  • give you information
  • answer any questions that you may have.

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