Health checks – the first 6 weeks

From birth to 6 weeks of age, your midwife will visit regularly to make sure you and baby are both healthy and well.

Tamariki Ora nurse with newborn

These visits are to provide you with the help and support that you need. The midwife will also check on your baby’s development and arrange for extra support if this is needed.

When baby is around 6 weeks old, you are returned to the care of your family doctor and practice nurse. Your midwife will transfer your notes to the doctor.

Your baby’s care will be transferred to a Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse at around 6 weeks. They will get free regular health checks from the nurse up to 5 years of age. You will also need to enrol your baby with a general practice.

To find out about enrolling your baby with a general practice visit the Your child's doctor and practice nurse page.

The health visits

Click on the links below to find out what happens at the checks from birth to 6 weeks of age, and visit The first Well Child Tamariki Ora visit to find out about the 6-week Well Child visit.

In this section

  • The birth check happens within a couple of hours of your baby being born. Your midwife (or specialist doctor) will check that your new baby is healthy and well.  Read more
  • You will be offered two screening tests for your baby after the birth, to check that your baby is healthy and hears well. Read more
  • At one of the visits when your baby is around a week old your midwife will again check your baby’s health and development. Your midwife will also check that you are healthy and well.  Read more
  • At the last visit of your midwife, which happens when your baby is 4–6 weeks old, the midwife will check that both you and your baby are healthy and well. Your midwife will also hand your baby’s care to your Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse. Read more
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