Getting to know your new baby

Spend time with your new baby to get to know them, and as you develop a bond they get to know you too. This lets your baby feel safe and free to learn and explore, and helps them to form relationships throughout their life.

Bonding with your baby

Cuddling your baby, singing to them and giving them attention helps their brain to develop and make them feel secure. It also helps you to get to know your baby, feel comfortable and relaxed, and enjoy them.

To grow and develop as a person, a baby needs smiles, laughter, touch and interaction just as much as food and sleep. Your body language, tone of voice and loving touch are all important ways to connect with your baby.

Dads need to bond with baby too – see the Being a great dad page to find out more.

The Tākai website helps parents and caregivers to build strong, positive relationships with their children. See the Building a relationship page to find out more.

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