Abortion services in the Bay of Plenty region

Tauranga Family Planning


For self referral to Tauranga Family Planning: 07 578 8539

For local social work support or referral: 07 579 8460


Family Planning Tauranga

Physical location

17 Courtney Road, Gate Pa Shopping Centre, Tauranga 3112 .

Opening hours

Monday/ Rāhina 9am to 5pm
Tuesday/ Rātū 9am to 5pm
Wednesday/ Rāapa 9am to 5pm
Thursday/ Rāpare 9am to 5pm
Friday/ Rāmere 9am to 5pm
Saturday/ Rāhoroi 9:30am to 12:30pm (first Saturday of each month)
Sunday/ Rātapu Closed


Counselling (non-mandatory)

Counselling is available to any person who is eligible for publicly funded healthcare services, and their significant others (partners and whānau), who reside in the Bay of Plenty District Health Board region and need:

  • pre-decision/pregnancy options counselling
  • pre-abortion counselling
  • post-abortion counselling. 

You can request a counselling appointment online or by phone 24/7:

When you make an appointment by phone, quote 'BOP customer number 16619'.

Other services

Early Medical Abortion (EMA) Up to 9 weeks
Surgical Abortion Referral for surgical termination services via the BOPDHB social workers (0800) 579 8460 or [email protected]
Second Trimester Service Referral to second trimester services via the BOPDHB social workers (07) 579 8460 or [email protected]

Patient information / what to expect

You can ring or drop in to the Tauranga Family Planning clinic to book an appointment. You do not need a referral.

Tauranga Family Planning Clinic provides medical abortion up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. At the first appointment you will talk with a Family Planning nurse who will organise some essential blood and swab tests. You might also need an ultrasound scan. You will then be booked in for a second appointment to be given the abortion medications. After taking the medications, the miscarriage will happen at home.

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