Sexual health

Here you can learn about contraception and talking to teens about sexual health.

In this section

  • Contraceptive pills are a safe and effective way of preventing pregnancy. Not all types are suitable for all women – learn more about your options. Read more
  • If you (or a family member) has had unprotected sex and are worried about being pregnant, you may want to take an emergency contraceptive pill. Read more
  • An IUD is used to prevent pregnancy. Find out how to get one, and what the advantages and disadvantages are. Read more
  • Before you decide to have sex, talk to your partner. For protection against sexually transmissible infections, you should always use a condom. Read more
  • Information on abortion services in New Zealand, including how to access abortion care, what help is available and how to provide feedback about abortion services. Read more
  • Teens that have had conversations with their parents about safe sex are more likely to make healthier choices about sex. Find tips on talking to your teenager. Read more
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